Always summer
preset collection

10 presets for
lightroom mobile app


your purchase Includes:

+10 custom presets for
editing mobile photos

+guide for preset installation

+quick guide for making tweaks to your edits

The Always Summer mobile preset pack was designed to produce a bright, clean, true-to-life color edit for your newer phone images.

If you liked my Sunkissed + Pure collection, you're going to love these!

These presets are designed to work with the Lightroom Mobile app, which is 100% free & no subscription is needed.

Purchase is for a single user license and you agree not to share! Thank you!

Due to the digital nature of presets, all sales are final and
no refunds will be issued.

Be sure to hashtag #alwayssummerpresets
on social media! I love seeing & sharing your photos!!

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+Glow Up

+Flat White


+Made in the Shade


+I Got Sunshine

+Sun Joy

+Golden Hour

+Night Lights

+Hot Highlights

designed for images with yucky blown out highlights & unnatural color toning

designed for images shot at night or in warm artificial light that need an overall boost in brightness while bringing down some of the harsh contrast

designed for images that need a small boost in brightness + harsh shadows + a warm up

designed to bring back the background highlight color + brighten shadows + warm up the overall image

designed for images shot in harsh sunlight that need a reduction of contrast + a boost in shadows + without blowing out highlights

designed for images that need a boost brightness + color + a warm up for contrasty shadows

designed for images that need a boost brightness + color + a warm up in the shadows

designed for backlit images that need the shadows brightened while keeping the background color

designed for images that need a boost in overall brightness + a natural bump to keep whites white

designed for images that need a tiny boost of brightness without affecting the color too much

The Presets:

check out the before & afters

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frequently asked...

What comes with my purchase?
Do I get all 10 presets?

Yes!!  This is a one-time purchase and you get all 10 presets listed above + a quick guide for making little tweaks to your edit!

What do I have to have for the presets to work?

You will need the free version of the Lightroom mobile app!
No subscription is required, you just need to download it + create a free account!

What do I do next?

Once you complete the purchase of your Always Summer presets, you'll receive an email with your individual link to download the preset files.
Your email will contain a link to the install page with a video that instructs you how to get your presets all set up! 

What if I get a new phone?

Just keep your preset files in a safe place (I recommend Dropbox!) and you'll be able to install them again on your new phone!